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Register for CRosSWILD 2017 | August 4 - 7

Where: Panama City, FL | When: Friday, August 4 - 7 | Who: All High Schoolers (guys and girls)

We are leaving from Live the Life time TBA, on Friday, August 4th | We are returning to Live the Life by 2:00pm on Monday

Cost: $225 UNTIL JULY 28 (cost goes up to $250)

*If you are paying by credit card there is a service charge of $5


Events from 2016

CRosSWILD Summer Camp


At CRosSWILD we use retreats, camps and events that have an fun and exciting atmosphere that helps students to experience God and live bold lives for Him instead of simply hearing and walking away unchanged. CRosSWILD focuses on bringing a community of churches and believers together. No matter your race, background or denomination we strive to function as one.


DOTK North Carolina - May 28 - June 4, 2016

Our girls ministry, Daughters of the King, takes an annual summer trip to the North Carolina mountains. This is an opportunity for young women in the program to pull away from the distractions they face in everyday life and immerse themselves in an environment where they can authentically experience Jesus. See more details here


CRosSWILD makes it impossible to avoid God”
— 12th grade boy
I thought I needed to do bad things to have a good time, but honestly this week has been so fun and I feel like the leaders really care about me” - Spring Break 2016
— 11th grade girl
My child came back a different person”
— Parent